Friday, March 20, 2009


We have my brother-in -law staying with us for a few weeks, and he brought his dog Cody up with him. So this little white dog decided one day as Esau was eating his own food that he would attack and tear apart Esau's nose.
I hear Esau just howling in pain and I look over to see Cody hanging from Esau's nose shaking poor Esau back and forth by the nose. I had to use great self control not to drop kick the Cody out my front door.
As soon as I let Cody back down stairs you would have thought that Esau would be afraid of him, but Esau just went back to trying to play with Cody.
The thing that really got me was that two days latter Cody did it again, and one day after that tried to do it again but he barely got a nip in before I grabbed him and put him in the upstairs room. Sufficient to say he rarely came out of the room after that except to go outside to do his business.
So now that the little white dog is gone Esau's nose is safe from further scarring.

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