Friday, July 15, 2011

Wow! Sooooo much has happened since I last wrote on the Blog. This is a Picture of the bouncer we got for Chelsea in March when she was about 6 months old. She thought it was great even though her feet didn't quiet reach the ground. But within 3 weeks she could reach the ground and was bouncing up a storm.
Chelsea started crawling on May 14Th. It was so fun to watch, she did this little hobble thing where she kept her left leg straight while her right leg did all the work. I tried to get a video uploaded on here but it didn't work. So if you want to see it it's on my camera next time your at our place.

I started experimenting with the little hair that Chelsea had around May. First I just used a Velcro bow to do a "Bam-bam" thing on top, but it didn't last.... not enough hair.
Esau and Chelsea are still the best of friends, but for a while there Esau was really annoying Chelsea! He got into the habit of laying down right in her way, or between her and where ever she wanted to crawl to. She would wine in protest, then just crawl right on over him! She wouldn't bother going around, nope, just up and over. I think Esau enjoyed the attention and that's why he kept doing it.
Poor Esau looks like he's in pain in the first picture but he's actually just finishing a yon, but it sure looks funny, and yes, Chelsea is trying to eat Esau in the second picture. He has so much patience for her, the poor guy.
I put Chelsea's play pen up in by the front window, this was when she was just learning to pull herself up on things, around late May. Their were kids playing outside so both Chelsea and Esau were entertained for about 20 min. so I got a few things done without interruption.

We got a high chair from our neighbors in July, and it's in great condition! It has also been a great life saver in the kitchen. Chelsea will usually be content for about half an hour or so in it while I'm making dinner.
Chelsea loves to "read"! It is very rare that I can sit down with her to read to her, but if I just give her a book or two she loves to turn the pages and look at it all by herself. Her favorites are the touch and feel books and the peek-a-boo flap books.
In mid. June Mom and Dad Johnson came down with Erica (my sis. in law) and her son Hayden. We had a blast! We went to the Zoo, played in the parks, and went swimming. These pictures are of Hayden and Chelsea showing off the diaper look while playing with toys in the front room. I don't remember quite how it happened, ether they were both in need of a change at the same time, or it was just stinking hot in the house, ether way it made for a cute cousin picture that we can embarrass them with later.
I guess a toy had gone under the chair last week and Chelsea went right in after it but then couldn't figure her way out. This picture was taken a Sunday morning by Chris while I was at my Relief Society presidency meeting. I have a picture of Esau under the same chair.

Chelsea is a little fish! Ever since we swam in Mom and Dad Johnson's Hotel pool while they were here, we love going in the water! So we bought a garden hose, a faucet adapter so the hose fits onto the bathroom faucet (so we can have warm-ish water), a hard plastic pool (so Esau can join in and not pop it) and a ton of swimming diapers. WE LOVE IT!!!! She will even stick her face in the water without prompting and blow bubbles! Its so cute.
I have to say that the most exciting thing that's happened this summer so far was the day I was able to put Chelsea's hair into pigtails!!! YAY!!! It may not be a big deal to a lot of people, but when your wondering if your poor fair haired child is going to be bald forever, you are dang happy the day that their is enough hair to not just fill one elastic but TWO!
So here is Chelsea playing with her new toy (found at a yard sail for $1.00!) with her two little pigtails! And that's the most recent picture on our cammera, taken yesterday before church. As soon as I have more cute pic.'s I'll put them up too!