Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Fun with Chelsea

Chelsea started something new!
She loves to talk! The first time she did this was when we had friends over. They were sitting on the couch across from us, we were just talking back and forth. Chelsea who was sitting on my lap decided that she wanted to be part of the conversation too. She was determined to make just as much continuous noise as we were. Since then I've been trying to catch it on camera, and...Ta da! success! So here is the video, you can just imagine her "telling" you about her day or what she's thinking about.
She also loves her new Bumbo. It's a whole new angle on life sitting up. She loves chewing and drooling on her little white tiger Great-Grandma Jones gave her for Christmas.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas!

This year Chris & I hosted the Baldwin's Christmas Eve Dinner. The food was great! We made a big Ham in the crock-pot, it turned out delicious with a glaze we made with Coke-brown sugar-cinnamon.
After dinner we had a snowflake making contest of which Kyle kicked butt with a very intricate design. We all had a tone of fun trying to figure it out, Chris was of course the go to guy on how to fold the paper to make it a six sided snowflake. This knowledge came from when he and the guys at work got bored and sat around and made snowflakes, Chris then figured out how to fold it to make six sides. (ya gotta love government jobs!) We then played the "signs game" at Ashley's request and had a blast!
Christmas day started off on a great note with Chelsea sleeping in until 9:00. It was great! Then we got up and went to the presents under the tree. Chris got some clothes, boomerangs, a tie organizer, and an iPod touch. I got some books, bath stuff, a journal, but my main present was a Sewing table with an airlift for my machine to be above, below or flush with the table! Tons of storage and folding leafs to extend the table. And it all collapses into a nice little dresser.We both were spoiled!
Chelsea got a Bumbo, and lots of stuffed animals. Esau got toys too and... he unwrapped them himself, and no, he did not stop at the paper! It was hilarious to watch! I wish I had a video of it, but here are some pictures at 5, 10, & 13 minutes

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas too!