Sunday, April 4, 2010

Mahon and Cindy came over Saturday to color eggs with us. We found this cool tie-die kit and we had a blast with those. Then this morning after I took the dog out, Chris was at the front door waiting for me. "OK, find them" he says. He had hidden all the eggs we had colored. He's just like a little boy on holidays like this. So we had fun finding eggs. Today we had Amanda and Jarred over to watch the last conference and have dinner, so all in all it was a great Easter.
P.S. while looking at egg pictures I found a great one of Esau. He had chewed a hole in both sides of his basketball one bigger than the other. So my wonderful husband thought that it would be funny to slip it over Esaus' head and see if he could get it off. ya... he can't get it off without help. But it was a great laugh.

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  1. Ha... Mahon did the same thing for me this morning! It must be a family thing.