Friday, April 23, 2010

We had our week 20 check-up today, and the ultrasound to see the Baby. The technician was great. She was able to tell right away that we were going to have a girl. Of course Chris had to know how she knew, and how often she had been wrong. So she explained what to look for (something about a turtle for a boy and three lines for a girl) and that no one has ever come back to tell her that she was wrong. She also did a bunch of measurements of the skull, brain, cerebellum, spine, ect. and everything checked out as healthy. She also checked the umbilical cord, and turned on a really interesting feature that shows two different colors depending on the direction of flow in the cord, to make sure the blood was pumping both ways, and to be sure there were two arteries and one vein... because thats important... don't ask me why, it just is. I don't know enough about that stuff. But all in all our Baby Girl checks out as normal and healthy. Well as normal a kid could be with parents like us. ;)

It was fun seeing her move around as we watched. And boy did she move, the tech. had a hard time trying to point things out since she kept moving all the time. It looks like she'll be a talker too, while we were trying to get a picture of her face to check for a cleft pallet (she doesn't have one) she kept moving her lips, and right as we took the shot she yawned, so this is the picture we have of her face and the big yawn. I feel like I'm rambling on, but I'm allowed to right?

Both Chris and I were trying to keep very open minded and not get our hearts set on one gender or the other. So when we were told she was a girl, I don't think I had much of a reaction. It was just kind of... Oh. OK. Sweet.
Chris was the same, but I got his thoughts later while we were waiting for the doctor. He said his first thought was, "well, everyone is having a girl right now, so why not us?" then his second was, "now I'll have to protect her from all those punks out there!" and the third thought was, "I'm gunna have to save up for a wedding now too." (I thought they were all perfectly cute daddy-to-be thoughts.) but then again I think everything is cute right now.

We're still open for any suggestions on a name, so if you have one speak up. I'm kind of drawing a blank. Poor girl will be cursed for the fourth generation to have the middle name Ramona, like me, my Mom, and my Grandmother.

So ---------------, Ramona, Baldwin.

Or if you have a name you've already claimed, feel free to speak up so we don't use it. Chris and I will not steal a name someone has already called dibs on. (and has let us know about it.)


  1. Congratulations!!! I totally knew it would be a girl! I can't believe you're already halfway!!!
    Well, I already told you but I kinda want the middle name Vera (my grandma's middle name) when I have a girl... if that ever happens.

  2. You are more than welcome to use the name Devinie. Devin thinks that would be a great name for a little girl. It's all yours!

  3. We claim Olsen as a middle name. Don't anyone try it!

    I second Devinie. It's a cute name. Then you can tell her that she was named after her favorite... uncle? Anyway, it's a thought.


  4. Congrats! I always said it was a girl! She will be so cute Chris will have to worry about all those "punks" out there!

  5. Oh and you could do the C names since both you and Chris start with a C -some people like doing that. We did not intentionally name two of our kids K names, although those seem to be the names we like best, it makes Ash feel left out though. Good luck! Sometimes it helps to not tell anyone until they see the baby, that prevents those weird looks when you tell them a name you are considering!