Wednesday, August 11, 2010

When I was up in Canada this last May my Mom and I got talking about the Baby, and everything that we needed to plan and get ready for when she came. One thing we talked about was Baby Blessing outfits. Mom had the amazing Idea that I make the Blessing Dress out of her Wedding Dress. At first I hesitated because that meant that I would be cutting up my Mom's Wedding Dress. She assured me that she didn't mind and that it's not like she was using it any way.
So we packed up Mom's wedding dress and brought it home with us, where it sat in the baby's room until I got up the guts to start working on the Blessing Dress.
I felt so bad cutting into the Wedding Dress. With the first few scissor cuts I kept saying "I'm Sorry, I'm Sorry, I'm Sorry!" But as a fairly cute (if I do say so myself) Blessing Dress came out of it I think I felt a little less guilty.

I haven't put the zipper in the back yet, I still need to buy one. I also don't know how big she is going to be, so if I need to expand or take it in I can do it from the Zipper, which I won't put in until she's here. Maybe a week before the Blessing to be sure it will fit her.
The dress size is supposed to be for between 7-15 lbs. or 1 month old. She's due on the 12th, and we'll have to bless her before my parents go back to Dubai on the 30th, so the last Sunday of the month is our best bet. On the rare chance that she's born on her due date; that would put her at 2 weeks old. I've heard that in their first week they loose a pound or two, but then they gain it back with interest in the second week. So guesstimating her birth weight at about 7 lbs ish, she could be anywhere from 7-10 lbs on her Blessing day, and if she's born a week early, maybe she'll be about 15lbs, or a week late would put her at about 7 lbs. Ya it's a huge guessing game, I just hope the dress will fit her! It was a lot of work and it would sure stink big time if she ended up not fitting it.


  1. Wow!!! I love it, and I'm so impressed by your handy work!

  2. GORGEOUS, Chantelle! I love it! ~Cindy

  3. Again, I think it is gorgeous! I have bonnets or a headband if you want to borrow them.

  4. It is such a pretty dress. Way to go!!!