Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I found my Mom's Play-dough recipe I had brought down with me when I got married. I was so excited I just had to make some for Chelsea. I remember Mom making it for me when I was a little girl in Strathmore before we moved. I even had some food coloring to make it extra fun. I think Chelsea had fun, at least until she tried to eat it. It's half made of salt so the poor kid mad the best pucker face I've seen yet. It was a great opportunity t to teach her "yuck".
We're also enjoying a bigger menu of yummy stuff. We did pancakes and I made Chelsea a special "C" shaped pancake for her first one. Poor girl wasn't quite sure what to do with it. It ended up half on the floor and the other half stuffed down the side of her high chair.... well... at least she had fun with it.
We also went camping!!!!!!!!!!! We had a blast with Pam, Chris' aunt. Pam even brought a camp chair that was just Chelsea's size, she loved it.
Chelsea is a fantastic camper! She was happy and fun the whole time, which is GOOD, because Chris and I love camping and I was worried Chelsea wouldn't. But she was great! She even kept to her scheduled nap times, more or less. When she got tired and ready for a nap, we just put her in the stroller and took a walk around the camp site, she would fall asleep and nap in the stroller for a good hour or so.
Since the gravel in the camp site was a little to sharp for little hands and knees to crawl on, we set up her Play Pen and put a big mosquito net over it to keep the bugs off. It worked really well! I didn't see any mosquito bites on her the whole time we were camping. Only Chris and I put bug repellent on and still got eaten alive!
I have to say that I planned bed time perfectly! I gave Chelsea to Chris and said I'd be right back, and by the time I got back she was already asleep in daddy's arms. We were able to lay her down in her play pen in the tent. She slept soundly till midnight, when she usually gets up for a bottle, then back to sleep 'till 8:00 am.
I was so worried that she would have a rough time sleeping while we were camping, and that we would end up the most hated people in the camp area for keeping everybody up with our screaming baby. But... she was awesome! and we will definitely be camping again!

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  1. Particularly love the pictures of Daddy with his little girl.