Friday, July 20, 2012


Christmas was awesome! We had a little one at home with the tree all set up. Chelsea loved the lights on the tree, and had fun undecorating anything on the tree within her reach. She had fun pulling the bows off any presents left under the tree too...  It was Classic! But instead of getting frustrated with her for it I just enjoyed the novelty of now being the one with the toddler pulling things off the Christmas tree, instead of just hearing people talk about it.                
Closer to Christmas we met up with the whole Johnson Family in Utah at a house my parents had rented for the holidays. It was a gorgeous house big enough for all of us. We set up the tree and decorated the house. Jennifer, Amanda and I had fun putting the lights on the stairs railing. It felt like we were young and back home working together like that. Putting up the Christmas tree, hanging the stockings, playing games. It was so fun to be with everyone.

Hayden and Chelsea had a blast together playing in the TV stand, they each chose a side and put themselves in it. We all got quite a kick out of it. One of my parents favorite parts was how they kept saying "Hi" to one another, "Hi"..."Hi"..."Hi"...."Hi"...."Hi"...... Their favorite gift by far was the Power Wheels Quads that Grandma and Grandpa got them, we took them outside for a spin and those two loved pushing them as much as they loved riding them.

My Grandma Jones came too, so we got a four generation picture of all the Ramona's. Maisie Ramona, Nancy Ramona, Chantelle Ramona, Chelsea Ramona. We also got a big family picture that turned out great.

We also went snowmobiling up in the mountains. Chelsea just went for a little run around the parking lot with us, then she went back to the house with grandma and her two pregnant aunts. But most of the adults stayed out all day. We had a blast, I even started to get the hang of it! We went shopping, we made a huge Christmas dinner, and overall had a fantastic Christmas Holiday! Thanks everyone!

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